Intuitive Inclusive Holistic Life Guide

Hollis is a Intuitive Inclusive Holistic Life Guide

Intuitive Used to imply that this comes naturally to Hollis. We all have special strengths and Hollis’ Intuitive Counseling style relies on listening and questioning, along with listening to the soul and intuitive knowing.

Inclusive This Term is meant to help understand that Hollis welcomes all people regardless of their gender, expressions of gender, placement on the Neurotypical scale, sexual orientation, sexual kink, magical or spiritual belief systems.

Holistic Using Holistic perspectives Hollis brings the entire system, body, mind and soul. With the understanding that our mental health is just as important as our physical bodies, often they are connected, and equally connected to the soul. Using Holisitic practices like yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Accupuncture and herbal supplements could be used to help rebalance the system. Hollis leans towards other forms of healing before using modern medicine.

Life Guide refers to Hollis as someone that intends to help guid you to where you want to be in life. Guiding you to freedom, happiness, love, success, or other agreed upon goals along the way. Hollis seeks to help you understand yourself more in order to celebrate your strengths and understand our weak spots. Hollis is honest and gentle as possible with their words in order to use Love as a healing tool in a counseling relationship.


Transitions Hollis has experience with:

Special Attention to Gender Questioning and Exploration, Gender Dysphoria, and other GLBTQIA, Handicapped People, and People on the Spectrum.

-weight loss
-Lifestyle changes
-addictions (examples: food, drugs, shopping)
-Manic/down episodes
-those labeled as ADHD and other hyperactive “disorders”
-spiritual search
-raising troubled children
-teaching children spirituality
-Learning Compassion
-Finding inner peace
-Being Happy
-overcoming an abusive past
-long term relationships
-transgender and gender questioning
-Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual sexuality
-Coming out of the closet
-Polyamorous relationships (other alternative relationships)
-organic gardening
-vegetarian lifestyles

Change is the only constant
When you find yourself alone and cold, remember there is a way, it just seems impossible. It’s often the last key that opens the lock.

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