The Coach: Hollis Taylor


Hollis Taylor, A Divine Androgyne, that not only identifies outside the binary politically but lives and breathes androgyne every day. Hollis suffered wounds of their childhood into adulthood where they found the path of the Sacred Slut. This path lasted for 20 years and included a full-time career in the adult industry. This career gave Hollis the opportunity to educate themselves in psychology, counseling, Wicca, Fire Circle and a variety of other spiritual paths. Today Hollis offers guidance in a variety of forms, including dance programs and group facilitated intensives that explore deep and intense places. Hollis still carries the messages of Sacred Sexuality, Gender Inclusivity, and the Fire Circle intensives as tools to help heal the human race.

Hollis has naturally transitioned from the life as a woman to now life as a masculine being. Often Hollis is most comfortable in the middle but can be seen fully emodying their masculine self, to help combat Gender Dysphoria, as Drag King Izzy Ahee. Hollis is also the publisher of where they publish the word of the oppressed as well as articles related to spirituality. Hollis carries themselves as an androgyne and requests gender neutral pronouns, where-ever they may go, as a form of activism for the next generations of gender non-binary people.

Hollis also holds special empowerment leadership training that lead to High Performance Teams. Hollis is a parent and grandparent as well as an experienced youth/child leader. Hollis served as a scout leader for over 15 years as well as youth leader for many spiritual groups that have families and children. Hollis a writer and is currently working on a book. Hollis offers one on one counseling/coaching as well as a variety of workshops that can work into your event. Hollis has lost over a 100lbs as of 2017 and has worked through deep scars themself from childhood and young adulthood. Hollis has taken many spiritual journeys with a variety of styles and perspectives including most profoundly with the Magic Fire Circle Community.

Hollis offers perspectives regarding sensitive topics including Sacred Sexuality, Deep Wound work, Validation therapy for the elderly, and a spiritual path intended for those exploring their gender identity. Hollis offers peaceful problem solving, empowered leadership styles, and inspiring healing programs for all peoples.

Evolution + Permanent Change
I have lost 3 sizes, 85lbs, and tons of baggage! As of 2017, loss of 100lbs.

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